The American Culture is . . .

The American culture is European. The American culture is Mexican. The American culture is African. The American culture is Tagalog. Several, actually. The American culture is also every other culture anywhere on the planet including even cultures that don’t exist where they were born anymore or maybe anywhere else and any number of others that are entirely imaginary and a few completely conjectural and ‘Fabulous!’ American culture is even Canadian culture, and not even the Canadians know what that is. Ooo, those are the ones I’m watchin’. They’re so – polite.

I love when ‘Mercans pontificate about what it means to be us. All have their own list, it doesn’t agree with anyone else’s, and each is an absolute; to disagree by an eyelash is treachery. If you feel you have the right to tell someone else who is and ain’t patriotic then it’s not you. That’s an automatic fail.


Wait a minute – hell, that means I just –

So I’m not –

Damn. Treason is so sneaky. Damn.


I’ll find out from Mitt how that there Self-Deportation works.