Three Rules Abbreviated

I attempt brevity – and good luck with that!

I thought I’d try a very brief description of my post on what I consider, doubtless wrongly, are the core observations that must apply to all advanced cultures to enable them to continue advancing.  And then a little hubris.  Not much.  Just a little.  Just a wafer-thin …

Remember, you are free to copy this, use it as you will, even claim it as your own.  That may seem a strange thing to say, but the extreme nature of my insomnia makes it impossible for me to give a damn about it, or in fact damns in general.  This is why, as I try to explain in the first of these demented mutterings, I have comments turned off.  These are thoughts to toss out into the great void.  I must divorce myself from care about what anybody thinks or does with them.  This has to be a one-way conversation; I don’t care because I can’t care, because caring threatens what sleep I do get.  So even if you steal these and copyright them, it’s not a thing I’ll object to.  Such is life.

So –

Three Universal Laws of Advanced Cultures

Law 1:  You Can’t Tell People What to Do

It diminishes true order, which self-arises in highly complex systems, and replaces it with hierarchical ordering, which erodes complexity and diminishes productivity.

Law 2:  You Can’t Tell People What to Do, Even If You are Right

It destroys the sense of self-interest in the health of the community, upon which order and productivity in a complex system depends.  It doesn’t matter if in fact you are right that they should do like all what you say; it’s the telling itself that does the damage.

Law 3:  You Can’t Tell People What to Do, Especially If You are Right

The resentment that grows to replace the sense of self-interest in the community destroys the good that you desire in that community; resentment at being told to do even good things makes those clearly good things seem evil to those resenting them.  The good that people do must be by choice; only evil can be done by force.

And of course I can’t tell you not to tell people what to do – because that would be telling you what to do!  Bwahahahahaaaaa (Evil Laugh pat. pend.)