Stay Focused on Trump’s Ego Deficits

Terms used that you are encouraged to look up:
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Dissociative Episode

Learn about Personality Disorders; it shows who he is, and what gets to him

It becomes more urgent daily for the Resistance to understand Trump and how his mind works.  His mind doesn’t really work; his Personality Disorder dominates all he is, or can be.  If you also feel a duty to our Nation to resist the coming Republican dictatorship, or want to understand him better, learning about Personality Disorders is vital.

I am not an expert, but have studied the matter as deeply as I could, driven by a friend’s bizarre behavior.  I beg that you will educate yourself as much as you can on the subject, as it enlightens so much that is bewildering about the small-handed sex offender.

He behaves in significant ways as an automaton, in patterns you really should teach yourself about.  That is to say, almost always he’s doing things driven by his damaged personality, damage generally considered ‘ego deficits.’  I can get just a bit more descriptive without pretending to more expertise than I have: The dominant explanation is that the child suffers psychic trauma, which interrupts the development of a healthy, functional sense of self, preventing an important development that happens normally at about the age of 18 months.  A lack of nurturing, the likelihood of abuse, and often a genetic predisposition, prevent forming a firm, solid sense of who the sufferer is; instead of forming an independent, self-contained sense of self, this deformed ego desperately depends on adopting behaviors in specific, compelled patterns that stand in for a fully-formed, flexible personality.  These patterns vary in ways that professional practice has grouped into several ‘kinds’ of personality disorders; what is shared is a desperate, constant, highly energetic scanning of the environment for threat, for how the p.d. is perceived by those around him, and a testing of how the sufferer can best use ‘objects’ like words or actions to keep and shape the attention of those around him.

Deeper than that, I would urge you to seek a description of personality disorders, and more particularly the specific type applicable to the Orange One, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  I don’t feel comfortable giving links; I don’t want to shape your findings to fit my definitions.  Prepare, though, to encounter many different views – and hear described a world of often bizarre behaviors and weird motivations, referred to as a ‘trip through Oz’.

It’s reasonable to start, if you wish, with Wikipedia or the intrusive mess that starts with ‘g’ and rhymes with ‘oogle’,  or you may find divergent descriptions of the same deficits under some theories of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which makes sense.  A professional tome abbreviated DSM-IV, or DSM-V, helps (those two editions differ somewhat on this subject.)  Any way you take it, you should understand, as much as you have time for, the ways in which Trump’s personality is compelled by those deficits. Support groups for friends and family of the Personality Disordered abound.

It fits a characteristic of Narcissistic PDs that he is not motivated ever by feelings of guilt – so it never will bother him to be found to have lied, or cheated, or stolen, or collaborated with Russia.  However, he is exquisitely sensitive to shame and public humiliation, like all small-handed bald men.  His predecessor, the only president of my lifetime who didn’t make me feel nervous, demonstrated this at dinner one night.  Thus we see one way to compel irrational behavior is by shaming him.  Talking to you, Alec Baldwin.  Adding public mocking to demonstrations might be nice.  (No violence.  This is not a joke.  No.)

According to his own broken personality structure, he has never lied.  This is usually true of the extremely personality damaged, through a mechanism sometimes called ‘infantile objectification’.  An infant deals with all inputs as ‘objects’, and only once the central ego structures are created can he deal with their deeper meanings and associations; in the absence of this ego structure, all things remain detached objects.  His behaviors are those of an infant even if they seem adult.  He is subject to childish attempts to dominate by tantrum, or ‘infantile omnipotence’.

If he says something, that, too is an object without external associations or internal meaning; that is, for him anything he says or thinks has only a purpose, not an interior logic.

He can literally tell one lie and, two minutes later, tell a different and diametrically-opposed lie:  Because of his unformed ego structure, any ‘object’ is the same to his mind, ‘boob’ or ‘bomb’ or ‘the wall’, with a purpose other than to give information, and it doesn’t have a dimension for “True” or “False”.  All objects are about him; if they do their job – to control your reaction, usually so that you will like him, as would an infant holding a toy up to you for approval – if they do their job, then they are true in the only sense he can comprehend.  And if he holds up a different word-salad object a few seconds later it also is for your approval, or failing that, some other reaction that also centers on him and, preferentially, he controls; again, it also is ‘true’ as it’s an object, and the contents don’t enter into it.  So in the deepest conceptual way, he has not told any lies.  He has no choice in these things.  I think you ought to learn about his disorder, from, I hope, a dependable source.

The most important thing, though: He has to work so hard to charm, and control, and is so terrified of losing centrality, that he’s exceedingly good at being charming, and has considerable ability to find what most pleases and compliments anyone in his orbit – as you would be if you were frightened out of your senses – really – of losing everyone’s attention, again because of his unformed ego.  This is essential: if nobody is there to focus on, he’s quite literally not sure he’s there, or who he is.  Think how terrified you would be if that were true of you; the personality disordered are a tortured lot, deserving our pity, our help, our understanding.  He deserves pity, but not the Presidency.  His disability makes him a clear and present danger to our Republic.

That danger exists because this skill at charming and controlling is a mile wide and an inch deep, and is easily overwhelmed by uncontrolled events or too-clearly-shown inadequacy and the resultant shame.  It’s an important part of why he puts furious energy into maintaining centrality in all situations; without that control, expected to behave as a ‘normal’ personality when he no longer controls the script, his mind loses reference quickly, and he becomes traumatized into a mental ‘fugue’ wherein he becomes dysfunctional.  We seem to see a shadow of this whenever reporters say “Michael Flynn” at him; he forgets what he’s doing and rapidly gets away from that object.  See his signing ceremony of March 31st, where a question about Flynn chases him from the room with the executive order unsigned.

That’s not a good thing.  It’s actually a very dangerous thing.  Educate yourself.  Keyword for this most dangerous possibility if he’s confronted by those sudden, uncontrollable events like, oh, say, any Tuesday is ‘dissociative episode‘.  Not a good thing.  Seen it happen bigly to a loved one long before I knew what it was.  Not good.  ‘Nobody home now, you call back later’ degrees of not good.

Under stress, that ‘button’ that starts the Very Large Boom is the same thing as a lie is:

An object.

With no reason not to use either, as far as he can see.