A Letter to my Representative: Impeach Now!

Here’s a copy of an email I just sent to my Representative in Congress

I received your blanket response to my previous attempt to encourage you to get ready now to impeach this dangerous man-child. Your argument was reasoned, reasonable, and tragically wrong; and the events in Manchester illumine that.

This administration has once again endangered an important ally by exposing intelligence and encouraging the thought that we cannot be trusted as a partner in combating terrorism. Cui bono? Easily answered: Trump’s best friend, Vlad the Impaler.

Here’s what I think you miss about that, and about his previous exposing of intelligence to Russia: We need the trust of foreign intelligence services to protect our citizens, and those services need us. When that relationship is weakened, it benefits our enemies. The benefit of that to Putin is obvious; the benefit to Trump is less so, but unarguable – that the increase in successful terror attacks, even those on foreign soil, helps Trump, who depends more than anything else on Trumped-up fear to attain his, and Buddy Vlad’s, goal of turning our democracy into a dictatorship.

Make no mistake – there will be a successful attack here. Trump’s continued dissolution of democratic norms depends on it. Wittingly or not, his interests, Putin’s, and terrorists of all stripes (including especially those on the right, who have been and remain the greatest threat and most active) align. There will be a successful attack here, and Trump will use that, and the mindless fear that pampered Americans are always so close to, to sweep away all opposition.

You have some power, right now, to resist. That will end the very second that whatever horror some lunatic is now planning goes through. That’s the race we’re in now. The fuse has been lit; whatever and wherever its end might be, the foolish, mindless fear that will result will give Trump all the power and force he needs to take complete control. We have so little time left in which to expose and end the massive plot against our system that Putin is planning and Trump is blundering along with.

Your reasoned resistance to the growing calls for impeachment would be the right course to take in normal times, and I would be commending you on it. The times are not normal – far from it. My blog was undertaken to express the view that the observations of complexity theory are central to understanding these times, and so I cannot be said to be on either ‘side’ of our foolish politics.

But all politics are peripheral to today’s events. The clock is ticking down on our experiment in self-governance, and Trump is now exposed as working with Putin in ending all such governments. The time is too short, the fuse too close to whatever explosion might come, and there’s too, too little time left for actions.

I beg you to stop thinking of this or that political consideration that might, in reasonable times, be the wise course to take. We see the Republicans putting Party above Country; but when you waste time and energy with thoughts about process, about taking this step and that to a considered goal, you are only helping move the democracy-ending plot along – to put your own concept of Party ahead of the dire needs of our threatened nation. This plot can only succeed if the forces allied against it continue to delude themselves into thinking that times are normal, and that normal processes must therefore be indulged in, normal, considered steps carefully taken, political advantage illuminating political acts, processes taken one-by-one.

This delusion endangers us all. The time to act is now. The time to start impeachment is now. You allow your surroundings, the trappings of your exalted position, the appearance of a false normality to seduce you into thinking that what has always been must always be.

We are already so much farther along the path to destruction than your environment can reveal to you. By weakening so many of the constructs that protect us, Putin’s plans to destroy the West are so very, very much closer to realization than you know. The time is short. The time to begin impeachment, our only hope for survival, is now. You must move forward now, with all possible speed, setting aside as an indulgence any thoughts about how hopeless such a process might be in a House controlled by Putin’s willing stooges.

Yes, we all know that the R’s will not now allow a bill of particulars to advance. But by the time they are ready to permit such a discussion, will there be any point to it? Will any opposition from the Legislature, even with Republican help, be of any use once a terror attack has been allowed to happen and troops are in the street? No. The answer to that question is clear: No. The time for you to act, to put politics aside, is now. Right now. Now. It will be impossible to act at all, even should the opposition Party find their backbones, once that fuse has reached whatever end it is burning towards.

Now. You must act now. There is no time for your wise, true reasons to hold back action. Act now. Impeach. Act now to move impeachment as far along as you can, with faith that Trump will continue to provide you with argument. If you wait for those arguments to shape themselves, for the case against him to be perfected, some horrible act somewhere will have put into his small hands all the power he needs to sweep away all argument.

Act. Act now. Act now, move forward now, get as far along that path as you can now. Once the terror starts, all hope will be gone. Wait no more. Act. Act now. Act, though the cause right now seems hopeless. Act, because you must, no matter what your political wisdom says. You – we – have so little, little time.