‘Covfefe’ Means ‘We’re So Screwed’

Making sense of Trump’s latest nonsense – that ‘dissociation’ I warned you to watch for, and to fear

Those who may have read my post entitled Stay Focused on Trump’s Ego Deficits will have noted my warning about a danger posed by a Personality Disordered mind when under extreme pressure.  A P.D.’s mind doesn’t function when alone – when the sufferer hasn’t anyone to control and play off of (and with) they aren’t really sure who they themselves are, in a very real and very frightening way.  Thus ‘ego deficit’.  They have no external reality to keep their attention, and can do nothing but ruminate on their own problems.  This is terrifying to them; being without essential ego function, they become deeply lost in a way I truly hope you never experience or see.

Having seen this in another, I think I can tell you what ‘covfefe’ means.  No, it’s not a code word with meaning only to other racists and fascists.  No, it wasn’t a typo.  It was a sign that the President of the United States of America was dissociating – was losing his ability to associate perceptions with their meanings.  He had temporarily lost – as in ‘misplaced’ – his mind.

When fear gets too powerful in a disordered personality like his, a numbness slowly takes over.  He may indulge in self-mutilation, trying to break through his growing mental fugue state by focusing on pain.  He may try desperately to undertake some normal (for him) activity as a way to reassure himself, to steady his nerves, to pull himself back from the coming hell.  If his fears are real – if he truly does have something awful that threatens him, like the awareness of having committed treason – his normalizing behaviors won’t work, and he will become effectively mind-less.  He may stay that way for moments, or minutes, or longer, and he won’t know it because in this fugue state his brain will not lay down new memories.  Eventually he will come out of his dissociative state, none the wiser – he’ll know something bad has happened to him again, but not know what, and will deny that anything has happened.

I’m convinced that that is the true meaning of the word ‘covfefe’.  Yes, he was trying to tweet as a normalizing behavior as he slid into his dissociative fugue.  It wasn’t a typographical, but a psychological, error.  He got halfway through ‘coverage’, his fugue already taking over; mis-typed an ‘f’, became more dissociated as he typed the ‘e’ he’d intended, and now quite confused, retyped both the ‘f’ and the ‘e’ – and at that point was so lost he hit Send.  When he recovered, probably only a few minutes later, he wouldn’t have known he’d tweeted anything at all.  He’d have simply drifted off to sleep, probably as a form of self-reassurance.

Then when he woke up and saw what he had tweeted, he had to deny that anything weird had happened.  His blustering ‘joke’ in the morning was just that – normalizing bluster.  A further proof is in Sean Spicer’s sickening best-foreign-trip-ever nonsense; Trump would have been in a very foul mood, accusing everyone around him of incompetence to cover up his own, and thus would have needed an extra-large dollop of brown-nosing Dear Leader praise.

This is truly, truly terrifying.  His desperate attempt at proving to himself that he was all right as he slid into dissociation could just as easily have been accomplished through the Nuclear Football.

If his minions saw this, they could no longer pretend he’s a normal, functioning human being.  I’ve seen dissociative fugues.  It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.  I didn’t have the knowledge of personality disorders at the time, and hadn’t any idea what the hell was happening; my friend was gone, there was no mind there at all.  Not knowing his deep mental detachment, I very nearly let him step in front of a huge truck – not an act of attempted suicide, but quite simply because he had left his body and had no idea that the street, the ‘wait’ signal, the crosswalk or the truck were there at all.  After that, I could no longer pretend that he was anything remotely close to ‘normal’.

We are all so screwed.  We must impeach.  This is only going to get worse, his dissociative episodes more frequent, more extreme.  This doesn’t end well.


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