Here We Are, at the End of All Things

Say Goodbye to Democracy and Hello to Dictatorship – which we all have worked so hard to bring about

In a previous post, the warning was issued that there would be an act of terrorism that allowed the Trascists to take full command of the government, with the Right as willing co-conspirators and the Left supine before it.  But who could have predicted it would be at a baseball game?

Today’s events at the GOP practice field, where an insane former Bernie supporter opened fire on Congressmen, staff and (of course they would be there) lobbyists, is exactly what the Rabid Right has been waiting for.  This will be Trumped up into their justification for the last steps in their coup d’etat.

They have been preparing for decades; the Gingrich Revolution of no-holds-barred politics introduced the idea that political norms should be swept aside as inconvenient to the True Believer, with formerly sacrosanct concepts like Impeachment being a last resort for cases of clear crimes against the Constitution being repealed in favor of simple political expedience – is there a human alive who could survive five years of endless examination for any flaw? – and open threats of violence used to shut down legal voting procedures in Florida to steal an election.

The second failed Bush administration used an easily-detectable terror plot, which succeeded only because the FBI had been filled at its highest levels with inept political hacks, to revoke the Fourth, Sixth, Eighth and Ninth Amendments – the impeachment articles against Clinton having made the Fifth useless.  Then on to the very first day of the Obama administration, when the Chief Turtle of the Senate declared that more than two centuries of respect for Congressional practice of a loyal opposition would be jettisoned for politically advantageous unlimited obstruction.  This Holy Turtle then tried, and succeeded at, a complete abandonment of even pretended Senatorial tradition by holding open a Supreme Court seat for an entire year – and didn’t even bother to offer a defense; ‘we’re doing it because we’re doing it.’

And then came the rigged ‘election’ of Donald Trump.  On January 20th of this year, our system of checks and balances ended; the almost five months since then have been the slow, painful exposing of the New American Order.  One-fifth of the economy and the health and even survival of millions of Americans is being decided by the One Party, behind closed doors and in secret.  Justice Department and intelligence functionaries of this new Fascist administration have told their rightful Congressional overseers that they ‘feel’ no obligation to answer any questions they don’t want to, with no justification offered.  Indeed, the new reality is that only the One Party’s officers, at any level, will have any questions even accepted, far from answered, by this Administration.  A disgusting proclamation of Dear Leader fealty and fawning by the Cabinet has occurred in plain sight  with hardly a shade of objection, timed clearly to be hidden by events at the non-testimony of the head of the Justice Department at the (wrong) Senate panel – a fawning that every member willingly drooled except for one lone Pentagon hold-out, who will soon enough be replaced.

No press questions will be answered.  The People no longer have a right to know anything at all about their government – because it isn’t theirs any more.  Make no mistake – Trump and his facilitators in what was once a Grand party will brook no inspection: one FBI head has rolled, and it’s clear that the current head of the independent investigation into the collusion of the Trump campaign with Russian interference will soon join him in the basket at the foot of the guillotine.  All the ‘opposition’ Party can summon up as they watch is to knit and rock and uselessly cackle.

We can expect the obvious wolf at the door to take off even the few shreds of grandma’s clothing so poorly disguising it.  The waited-for, yearned-for excuse has been made – a stupid, pointless, lone actor at a baseball practice with his evil act will be blown up into all the excuse needed.  The Republican Party will, from now, openly declare itself the Only Party, which is, at this point, only a small, a very small, step.

We can expect, very soon, that any other Republican Right label behind which this slow coup has been achieved – the Tea-Baggers, the Neo-Conservatives, the Freedom Caucus – will be jettisoned in favor of an open acknowledgement of what it in fact is –

Fascism.  No, not an invective; a descriptive term for a system of governance in which all parts of government, the One Party, the One Religion, and that Wealth that backs it and profits from it are equally, boundlessly and exclusively open to the followers of the Great Leader, and no-one else; and in which any policy at all is usefull as long as it serves the purpose of maintaining Party control of that nation suffering it.  We will soon see that label, fascist, used with pride by the Trump Party; I’m guessing they’ll even abandon all uses of the words Conservative and Republican.


And what of the Opposition Party?  What will the Democrats do?

They’ll go on knitting and cackling.  They’ll continue to pretend that our nation’s long-held democratic norms are of any further value, or use.  They’ll console themselves with thoughts of an election some sixteen months in the future.  There will be no such election.  They’ll talk of demonstrations in the street.  Those demonstrations will be met with violent repression from both Trumpist police and openly fascist Trump supporters – and, who knows, Russian troops?  Letters will be written.  Emails will be sent.  Protestations both in Congress and by the frightened Public will be made.  Decent Administration holdovers, and those few Trump appointees with backbones (I can find no names to suggest) will resign in glorious empty gesture.  Government function will grind to a halt – the very Brier Patch that this Br’er Rabid, this egomaniacal monster, most desires.  In short – nothing.  Nothing of any use to anyone at all.

Maya Angelou, herself quoting what she heard in her youth, said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”  Trump showed the feckless Democrats exactly who he is.  They completely failed to believe him.  The majority of the Press, thankful for the money Trump brought them in increased, and increasingly shocked, readership, failed to believe him.  You.  You failed to believe him.  He showed you precisely who he is, and even with the repeated histories of fascist movements throughout the Twentieth Century and on every continent to inform and remind you, you failed to believe him.


For more than forty years I have argued with Progressives that though their goal of a just, decent society that cares for the poor and weak is not merely a good thing but the only way our society will survive its challenges and continue to thrive – but that forcing that good and necessary end by the use of Law, of imposed ordering, will bring about its opposite and destroy our democracy.  I guess its my fault, then; no-one believed, no-one heard, I have shouted into the wind.  No Progressive anywhere, it seems, is able to believe that the means does not justify the end, that simply being right about what you’re telling others to do does not make the telling permissible, that those who oppose you aren’t simply wrong and thus unworthy of consideration.  I warned that it’s not the rightness but the imposition that will matter, that will empower the madness of the Right, that will feed the same Evil that tore Hitler’s Germany apart and plunged the World into war and death and destruction.  I said ‘Hubris, people!  Heed the lessons of the first Democracy!’ at the top of my lungs.


I guess I have weak lungs.  We wait now only for the tanks to roll.