I am an elderly, fat, opinionated white guy, born in beautiful, weird Portland, Oregon, to which I am well-suited; liberal of heart, libertarian of attitude, believing in a progressive future but too filled with hubris to imagine that a progressive future can be established by bossy snarky progressives.  Artist, lover of science, lover of people – though at the age when I find few who are slow enough for me to catch and too stove up with arthritis to love them up all over like what I ought; so it don’t do me no good.  Still, I was once faster.  I gots plenty memories, near as I remember.  Must have; I have a wonderful daughter, who gave me also two delightful grandsons, and if they don’t stop fighting with each other I’m gonna clop them one.

Mostly, this blog (I’m on record herein as an advisor to all gardeners who make war on slugs, so I’m calling this a ‘blug’ now) is about applying complexity theory to politics and culture – and the mind, about which I have many opinions despite having lost mine.  I know it’s around here somewhere.  Probably all dusty.

Another thing I am that has determined the scope of my life more than anything else is an insomniac – very much so, and many habits are about surviving that.  It follows from that, then, that I’m very poor (though rich in spirit wah dee doo dah.)  Living now on the lovely, soggy Oregon coast, until the Big One hits, and then, as I say to my fellow citizens of this friendly tourist town WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE AAAHHHH!!!!

Sorry.  Better now.

The insomnia shows in one strange, and inevitably unfriendly, thing; I have comments turned off on my posts.  I actually think that’s impermissible – pipples come to WordPress sites to argue, and I short-circuit all that.  It must be that way; I have to avoid stress, and the kinds of arguing pipples do online is Most Unfriendly.

Sorry again.

So that’s me; a know-it-all who types with his ears stuffed with wax.  But if it helps you to know this – I feel badly about it.  Thanks for visiting, and be sure to tip your wait-staff.